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AVPlayer3 11 Mb
AVEditor Home Edition Installer Free!

You need to install ffdshow codecs for playing mp4 files. When installing ffdshow tick "Do not limit" both for audio and video. Don't change other parameters - they are by default.

Mail error reports and your proposals to aveditor@active-video.ru

We organize a free AV Editor course for the registered users. You may sign up for via e-mail: aveditor@active-video.ru
15,4 Mb
AVEditor Update 06.12.2007 4,53 Мб
Short AVEditor Tutorial 5,18 Mb
Mp4 Converter 2,55 Mb
Demo Teaching Clip "Kittens" 7,46 Mb
AVEditor Manual by the Example of the Project “Kittens”
(Power Point Presenatation)
3,36 Mb
DivX 511 Codeс 5,20 Mb
Presentation materials  
Glossary (doc-file) 134,5 Kb
The Description of "Active Video" Technology (doc-file) 234 Kb
Methods of Scenario Creation (doc-file) 2,04 Mb
AVTechnology Presentation 4,58 Mb
Presentation on the Russian Venture Forum in October 2007 56,81 Mb
The disk protection offer 43 Kb
The disk copying price list 55 Kb

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