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The key to successful use of complex equipment is correct operation of the equipment. It is particularly important for clear instructions when the equipment is used for medical treatment. Incorrect application of equipment may not only result in undesired results, but could also cause serious physical harm. Provision of all the nuances of operating complex equipment is critical, but often results in bulky manuals that fail to be attractive and clear. As a result, the reader does not effectively use the manual to guarantee correct operation.

Active Video has the solution to this problem – an educational interactive film. In addition to seeing visual images, the viewer can control the watching process and can obtain additional information about everything seen on the screen. The viewer better remembers video information on aspects such as assembling the equipment, application of its parts, or preventive maintenance than information read in the regular instruction manuals.

A handy navigation system allows the viewer to access any film frame in no time: with a click of the mouse the viewer can go directly to the necessary section without wasting time in rewinding or searching.

Use of interactive film also enables provision of any amount of videos, texts, or graphs without information overload for the viewers, as all reference and supplementary data only appear on the users’ demand.

The result is a unique interactive film which can enable viewers to tackle all questions about correct equipment operation quickly and easily.

Examples of Application of the Technology:

  • Video presentation of the car

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