Hypervideo. Interactive reality

Business Directions

The number of business offers constantly grows owing to broad opportunities of our technology. Some of them are stated below.


Interactive commercial films deliver much more information about goods, products and services than traditional promotions do. With interactivity the viewer has an opportunity to obtain immediately the information desired – he should only choose the appropriate object or corresponding menu item on a screen. Thanks to statistics gathering system one has a chance to learn what items are of most interest for viewers. Existing examples of such clips include video presentations of goods and services, video business cards of companies or one of their business trends.

Video Manuals

Video Manuals show and teach how to assemble, use and repair the good you have bought. Few people like to read manuals. However a video manual represents everything itself in clear understandable form. It also allows one to get more information about most uncertain episodes and clarify it.


Interactivity adds a multi- dimension to presentations, making them interesting for various target groups. A presentation clip can contain any amount of information and still not have the information be overwhelming. All necessary details, not included in the main video flow, appear only on demand.


Tutors and video school books are samples of the interactive educational system. Interactivity adds significant improvements like complexity, intension and granularity to the ordinary educational video. Interactive tutors can meet specific individual requirements, and are good supplements to traditional material representations. Internet access to the interactive educational systems opens new horizons in remote self-training.

Cultural Projects and Show Business

Interactive video “business cards” of a restaurant, recreational centers, exhibition complexes, and even towns and cities, provide a viewer with comprehensive information about the topic in a simple and understandable format. The viewer’s ability to choose what to watch and when to watch enhances viewing enjoyment and interest. The illusion of physically being in the actual picture can assist a viewer to decide on whether he/she should dine at a given restaurant; go to an exhibition; or travel to a city or resort.

Video Guides

Video guides are similar to ordinary films. In contrast, interactive video guides allow to change the observing direction on demand, to obtain detailed information about any subject on the screen, to ask questions to a virtual guide. In other words, the spectator can feel like he/she is participating in the actual excursion. Interactivity provides the viewer with the impression that he/she is actually present at a site, making video guides’ review fascinating and unforgettable.

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