Hypervideo. Interactive reality

Video Guides

Visualization of Open and Closed Spaces

The Active Video technology will send you into a real video journey. Unlike the ordinary film or television journey, our version will give you the illusion of being in the places you wish to visit.

And you yourself will control the process, not a producer or a cameraman. A video guide can help you skillfully combining pleasure (walk) with use (necessary information about the sights).

You find yourself in the town of your dream, go down the street gazing at the houses. You can enter the building that interested you, turn round the corner, come out to the ground with a magnificent view.

On you way, the guide will tell you about everything you meet at you desire (you should only click). You will know about the history of buildings, the names of architects, historic events that happened once in these streets.

Don’t limit yourself to walks only, you should drop into museums, exhibit halls, galleries. We can move from one hall to another, study the displays, gaze at the pictures, listen to the lectures on the History of Arts at the same time.

Let us suppose, you get into the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. As it is known it was created as a collection of copies. Let us assume, you enter the hall opening with the exposition of the statue of David. Clicking on the image of this sculpture, you can learn the biography of Michelangelo, look at his other famous works, know the history of creation of this statue and its fate, the legend about David and Goliath.

The Video Guide can become a tourist visiting card. The future tourist choosing the place to travel to can plan a route, know what interests him, look through hotels, study carefully their rooms and the hotel service offered, choose what he likes and make a reservation. He even can pay beforehand.

Examples of Application of the Technology:

  • Visiting card of the museum
  • Video excursion about Red Square
  • Video presentation of the restaurant
  • Video excursion to the exhibition Motor-show 2005

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