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Interactive Video Text-book

Suppose we are studying the works of Aleksandr Pushkin, in particular, his poem “Eugene Onegin”. Unfortunately, you can hardly find a more threadbare theme. It is too difficult to get the charm, originality and poetic brilliance over to nowadays pupils. Still we will try and ask the Active Video technology to help us.

We can already get a lot of information at the introductory lesson – know how the thought to write this novel occurred to the poet, see numerous illustrations including the author himself, get acquainted with Onegin’s precursor – Byrons’ Childe Harold, know about the Dandy style, travel about the restaurants, theatres and ball rooms that Eugene Onegin visited once. We can study all possible variants of the plot – even Pushkin himself didn’t know how it would develop. The novel is full of digressions, personal emotional experiences and the poet’s recollections – we will bravely follow him and visit Tsarskoselsky liceum, Odessa, the village. We will get acquainted with the fashion of those times, the interior of mansions, the menu of aristocrats, and their manners. So the whole world will open before us that will carry us into the journey about Russian Literature, History, and Culture.

Of course, this example from Literature is only an example. You can make a video text-book on any subject – Geography, Physics, History, Chemistry, Astronomy, Foreign Languages, etc. As the Active Video technology enables you to organize education in the form of a game, even the most boring material will be learned by itself.

Interactive Tutor

Any difficult material can be mastered if it is presented in the absorbing form. Almost everyone will agree that a lot depends on the teacher’s personality. Sometimes the whole university gathers round to listen to some professors. And, unfortunately, vise versa the most interesting subject can be made boring if the lecturer lacks the creative spark and does not aim at the result, i.e. teaching the listeners something useful.

The interactive tutor created with the help of the Active Video technology can be compared with a brilliant teacher that spares neither strength nor time to teach his students.

The system includes several forms of education. They are lessons, lectures, practical works, laboratory works. Theoretical material can be corroborated here at once. Clicking with the mouse, you interrupt the lecture and find yourself in the laboratory in which you see the experiment. Then you return to the lecture-hall and continue listening to the lecture from the place of interruption.

You will need a list of academic books and supplementary literature – it appears with a click. Necessary references, comments, web sites, training films are available on your computer adjusted to the Interactive tutor.

It is not necessary to listen to all lectures and work at every lesson. If you need to refresh your memory, you can make up your personal programme. You yourself choose lectures you‘d like to listen to and practical work you wish to master.

The Interactive tutor even envisages the demonstration of the after-effects of the mistake. What does it mean? The system will show you what the mistake can lead you to, so you will remember it to the rest of your life and will never make it again.

Examples of Application of the Technology:

  • Stomatology
  • Interesting Physics

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