Hypervideo. Interactive reality



Every advertiser dreams to get return from the advertisement. The consumer saw the clip, read the slogan and ran to buy the product. How can you attract the attention of a potential client? A commercial created with the help of the Active Video technology guarantees attention to your product.

Let us suppose that you sell cars. A meticulous automobilist wants to know everything about his future car, right up to the last screw. You needn’t read a thick volume of the manual for it.

There is a car image on the screen; a video clip can tell about every detail that interests the client, he is only to click with the mouse on it. The detail becomes highlighted and then necessary information appears. It can be a window with a text or a short clip telling how this detail functions. The motorist can open and close the doors of the car, “get into” it, press the buttons and even go for a virtual spin in a car.

This clip can contain information about the manufacturer, then you will be able to open the web site of the company and see the film about it.

If the customer wishes to calculate the credit, pay down or make a purchase, this service can also be foreseen.

Another example is from the area of immovable property. Realtors are selling flats in a new block of flats. By means of the clip we travel about the neighbourhood of the house, study carefully the surroundings – the square, yard, drive. Then we can see the entrance, landings and get into the flat at last. Here we can go from one room to another and get lots of information at the same time – about the material from which the walls, floors and ceilings are made, about their properties, wires and the place of communication. We can also see the view from the windows on various stores and house sections.

Every curious customer can get information about the company that has built the house, see its other projects. Design companies, shops selling building materials can place their offers in this video clip.

While the clip is playing, a future buyer can study prices, calculate the credit on mortgage, send his documents, grant an advance.

Examples of Application of the Technology:

  • Visiting card of the museum
  • Video presentation of the restaurant
  • Video presentation of the car
  • Video excursion to the exhibition Motor-show 2005

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