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April,   7   2010
The new online Movie Theater TVzavr.ru is now broadcasting. TVzavr is using Active Video technology for delivering movies, sitcoms, shows and other video content for Internet users. TVZavr is the center of legal professional video with the open access for Internet users. All videos are copyright protected. The content protection system is truly realized. Watching video content for users will be free of charge with compulsory display of advertisements. Remunerations for right-holders are formed from a share of royalties from advertising revenue. Broadcasting video content at the portal is subject to limitations on the rights of the content (geographic, temporal, etc.).

April,   4   2008
We've taken part in a round-table meeting, devoted to a very interesting topic "Television and Internet: main trends and problems". The round-table was held within the Russian Internet Forum (RIF 2008). A report "Advertisement in professional video content - new opportunities for monetization" was made by Alexander Belenov. You can download the presentation prepared by us for the forum. You can also see a short photo-report from the round-table.

January,   17   2008
OOO Active Video have finished creation of interactive video project «Multifunctional center (MFC) of state and municipal services provision of Alexin town in Tula Region». The project has been realized in association with our partners National Institute of System Studies of Entrepreneurship Problems (NISSE) and studio «Video Nika». The project has been made on request of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation (MEDT). The essence of the project is that user can get full appreciation of MFC activity – from work schedule and location to getting complete information of services offered (document forms, order of documents submission for getting service etc).

While viewing the user is present in MFC building from the first person, moving from one specialist to another. The viewer also has an opportunity to move in the building with the help of its interactive map. With the help of useful menu the user can watch interview with Tula Region authorities, view all stages of rendering state or municipal services. Moreover, he can have a look at all requirements of the state to equipment of such centers.

The project can be used as a demonstration of the best practice for other regions of Russia on creation MFC.

Interactive video projects are supposed to be used in future for visualization of process of rendering services to people, what will enable to strengthen loyalty of people to public authorities.

December,   4   2007
Dear visitors and clients! There is a new version of the AVEditor Home Edition. The registration of program is FREE! The editor can be downloaded on our site.

November,   20   2007
Our Company has made a cooperation agreement with chair of multimedia technologies and information systems of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. Now students of the chair undergo training by our specialists and create an interactive video project about the University via our technology. The project will be presented at the 10th jubilee international conference "EVA 2007 Moscow".

October,   15   2007
At the invitation of Russian office of Microsoft Corporation we took part in the event aimed at acquaintance of corporation developers with Russian programmers achievements. During the event we had a chance to get acquainted with developers of such interesting products as HD DVD and Silverlight, present them our developments and discuss an opportunity of mutual information exchange. We are grateful to Russian office of Microsoft Corporation for such a flattering invitation.

October,   12   2007
Our Company took part in Russian Venture forum-exposition in St-Petersburg. We are grateful to organizers for a perfectly organized event, which helped us to get very prospective contacts with potential investors and clients.

September,   12   2007
Cooperation with investment company "FINAM" brings first results. Thanks to FINAM exsperts efforts, general director of Active Video Ltd. Ruslan Kaftanatiy sold 7% of authorised capital, what made it possible to invest these funds to development of the project. For more details see the article in the newspaper "Commersant" .

August,   9   2007
Dear visitors and clients! There is a new version of the AVEditor Home Edition, which is distributed for FREE! The editor can be downloaded on our site.

July,   30   2007
Studio “VideoNika” and Active Video Ltd signed a treaty on cooperation in interactive video projects production. VideoNika Ltd is a professional producer of corporate video films, electronic business cards and presentations.

July,   25   2007
Autonomous non-profit organization “National institute of system researches of entrepreneurship problems” and Active Video Ltd signed a treaty on cooperation. ANO “NISIPP” is an exclusive representative of the technology for governmental authorities of Russian Federation.

July,   24   2007
“Investment holding “FINAM” and Active Video Ltd signed an agreement to attract investments to the company for realization of commercialization and further development of the technology “Active Video”.

April,   17   2007
Active Video Ltd took part in the first professional conference of web-developers “RIT-2007”. Within the limits of section “Technology of the future” chief technical officer Alexander Belenov presented company’s achievements in development of technology of interactive video projects creation. Within the work “Investment master class” there was a model of creation “Infrastructure project to deliver video to Internet users” given to participants for discussion.

Theses of the report for RIT2007 (2,41 Mb)
Service of on-line video on the basis of technology "Active video" (175 Kb)
Video of performance of Alexander Belenov (96,35 Mb)

April,   6   2007
We have accepted the invitation from organizers of panel discussion, devoted to an interesting topic “How to make money on video content in the Internet”. The panel discussion will be held as part of Russian Internet Forum (RIF 2007). You can download the presentation, prepared for the forum. You can also read a small report from the panel discussion.

April,   5   2007

From 3 to 5 April 2007 Active Video Company held a workshop on the base of St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television. During the seminar there was held a survey curse in peculiarities, opportunities and fields of application of the Active Video technology and also theoretical and practical trainings for first and second classmen of the Faculty of Interactive Art. During these studies students received base knowledge of work with AVEditor and created their first interactive films.

The Chair of Interactive Art received unrestricted number of licenses for use of AVEditor for educational purposes, thus making St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television the first educational institution, using Active Video technology in educational experience.

March,   21   2007
We have taken part in the international exhibition CeBIT 2007 in Hanover. We thank everyone who came to our stand and saw the true value in our solutions. Materials, distributed at the exhibition can be found on our site down this link.

March,   5   2007
From March, 15 to March, 21 our company takes part in the annual IT exibition CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.
Active Video is going to present tools for creating, playing and broadcasting of interactive video films, as well as a unique way of broadcasting ads - videoportals and TV portals which allow not only to watch video and comment on it, but also great opportunities of broadcasting full-fledged ads.
Our stand is A80/2, Hall 4.

March,   3   2007
Our company has got a grant for participation in Eurasian Innovation & Investment Forum-Northern Virginia that's to take place in North Virginia on 27th and 28th of March.

March,   1   2007

Moscow Modern Art Museum saw a new exhibition, "History of Russian Video Art. Vol 1", (curator - Antonio Jeusa) this winter.

Our company has made a virtual analogue of the exhibition - an interactive video guide based on the exposition video and the original content. You'll be able to walk about the museum halls and view the exhibits. Many of them contain unique original content.


January,   30   2007
We have new examples of interactive clips on our site:

Strip Dance - an example of an interactive entertaining clip with a lot of plots and a game element.
Hermitage - a part of an interactive video museum where you can get additional information about every exhibit
Formula-1 - an example of an interactive sport event. Every object on the screen carries a lot of additional information - just click on it.
FIFA2006 - an example of an interactive sport catalogue. User-friendly navigation on matches and players.

December,   28   2006
This is our new phone number: +7 (901) 545-02-62

December,   11   2006
Our company took part in the 5th exhibition of home interactive technologies HIT in St. Petersburg from November, 30 till December, 3. A lot of visitors and exhibitors were attracted to our stand by interactive video clips. The viewers were interested in the possibility of turning common video into interactive one. More than 100 Home Editions of AVEditor were given out (you can also download it here). Apart from demonstrating the tools for creating, watching and broadcasting the interactive video clips our company also announced the beginning of work on a unique videoportal and a net of active video content. Such a portal may attract both advertisers and viewers. Advertisers may get a tool for broadcasting ads and getting a precise estimate of banners' shows and a flexible system for setting time and number of shows. Viewers may be attracted by the portal's content: rare videofilms, interactive video films etc. We made preliminary agrements with advertisers and content-providers on the collaboration on the portal's content and placing ads there.

October,   26   2006
Our company signed a distribution agreement with 5iPrincipals group LLC, a company that promotes innovative IP technologies in the USA.

October,   2   2006
The portal which will become the basis of multibranch network of videoportals in the Internet is set going in home network Maryno.Net. (link)

September,   26   2006
New version of AVEditor is now available here.

September,   26   2006
Our Company in association with “NPF Tradiciya” has taken part in annual exhibition of IT Softool 2006. At the exhibition companies have shown ready solution for show-rooms and trade centers – interactive exposition scheme and catalog of participants on informational terminals with touch-sensitive screen. The system was appreciated at its true value both by exhibition organizers and participants and visitors.

September,   22   2006
Our Company has successfully finished work on interactive video film creation, which demonstrates services of operator telephone communications centre for deaf people on order of Moscow State Organization of All-Russian Society of Deaf. At present we are working at interactive videomanual of finger-language creation.

June,   19   2006
Our company has made interactive video presentation for "Croc" company. The presentation titled "Providing for the constant availability of business propositions in oil-and-gas industry" was successfully demonstrated on the annual "Neftegaz - 2006"-oil and gas exhibition.

May,   22   2006
Active Video Company made a presentation for Sitronics Consumer Electronics. This company is a producer of audiovisual technology, household appliances and computers . These are radios, MP3 players, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, hi-tech LCD and plasma-panels, mobile phones and car audio, computers, devices for cars etc. All the produced goods are presented in the interactive presentation.

May,   19   2006
Last year Active Video Company made an educational interactive film «The functional clinic analysis» for Moscow State Medical Stomatology University (MSMSU). The film has taken premier place on «The best educational film 2005» contest organized by Moscow State Medical Stomatology University and Federal Agency on Health Care and Social Development.

And we are very glad that the film demonstrates the possibilities of using Active Video technology in educational films and programs.

May,   5   2006
Active Video has pleasure to inform you about the opening of a representative office in St. Petersburg. For the purpose of collaboration, contact us:
Moskovsky prospect, 212, office 4152
tel: +7 812 9736875
Mikhail Kharmach

May,   5   2006
On June 6-9, 2006 an innovation and investment forum of Ohio and Eurasia countries is held in Clevelend (USA, OH). It is organized by the US Civillian Research and Development Foundation, the Development Department of Ohio, 5iTech, LLC, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) and the Ukrainian venture company TECHINVEST. Find out more.

The goal of the forum is to establish connection between private companies of Eurasia and Ohio, favour the development of international joint ventures, including those in the field of information technologies.

100 potential participants of the forum took part in the contest. Only 12 members managed to reach the final, including Active Video.

The organizers of the contest and American experts appreciated positively the prospects of the Active Video technology.

In the course of the Forum, the organizers intend to call a set of subject presentations and seminars, meetings with representatives of companies, investment foundations and government organizations of Ohio.

May,   4   2006
Active Company is negotiating with the administration of the Armoury Chamber about the creation of a virtual museum model. Users will be offered video excursions based on real video shooting and supplied with additional video, text and graphic information about the museum exhibits. The spectator will be able to choose the observing direction himself or follow a virtual guide and view some halls and exhibits dedicated to a particular theme. In the course of the excursion, the viewer can obtain additional information about any object in the frame – all with one click of the mouse. It is significant that the video technology enables spectators to feel like they are present in the museum.

So, viewers will be provided with unique reference and educational material in an understandable format.

May,   4   2006
Active Video associated with the broadcasting company AVLOG TV proceeds to the creation of an interactive television channel on the Internet, covering local networks as well. Spectators will gain an opportunity to watch programmes both in the digital and interactive formats. This channel is supposed to broadcast historical, cultural, educational programmes, video fragments about travels, discoveries and scientific researches.

As a part of the project, it will support a news block provided by the www.glavnews.ru site. In return, our partner will be able to place Active Video news on its web page.

May,   3   2006
Active Video received the ministrations of Aleksiy II, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, for the creation of an interactive project dedicated to the history of orthodoxy in Russia. The project will bring together information about orthodox churches located on the territory of Russia and beyond its bounds in the form of a virtual historical retrospective review. All persons interested will have an opportunity to visit virtually churches, monasteries, convents and other centres of orthodox culture.

The virtual “Orthodox Country” will give an idea of the past, present and future of the Russian state in an understandable form to any person, irrespective of his/her social status.

The first CD, which is in progress now, is dedicated to the Russian classical church. Users will gain an opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of church decoration, rules of services. In short, this CD is a peculiar interactive catechism.

Active Video plans to create analogous interactive systems about other religious denominations widespread in Russia, CDs dedicated to the history of Islam and Judaism in particular. The aim of the project uniting the history of all religions confessed by the Russians is to show the main religious notions, a system of ethics, ritual rules and principles of religious life.

April,   21   2006
At the forum “Days of Russian Economy” in Finland (April 19-20, Helsinki), Active Video, among 22 other Russian innovation companies, presented the scientific and technical potential of Russia in the sphere of high technology. Active Video tools for creating and transmitting interactive films were highly appreciated by foreign experts. Besides, the Active Video technology was presented in Technopolis (link).

April,   13   2006
On April 13, 2006 the Committee on Information Policy of State Duma held parliamentary hearings “Legislative maintenance of the development of digital television technologies in the field of content modeling and control, the realization of interactive possibilities”. As the Administration for Press and Public Relations reports, the participants of the discussion were representatives of television production and broadcasting companies, members of regional ministries and committees on press, media men, specialists of scientific research institutes and centres, representatives of unitary telecommunication enterprises, public organizations. Among them was Active Video.

As it was noted by the Chairman of the Committee Valery Komissarov, the whole world, including Russia, will change over to digital broadcasting within the next few years. It is sufficient for Russia to develop the state policy in the field of mass media. In particular, it is necessary to provide legislative support of digital television development to make the transition to advanced technologies quick and painless.

Introduction of alternative forms of broadcasting became the main theme of the round-table discussion. As a result of the growing number of programmes, channels, new ways of interaction with spectators (interactive interaction), there arises a problem concerning personnel qualification, licensing and certifying the companies providing these services.

Members of Active Video gave a talk about the technology and reported about the plans to create an interactive Internet television channel. As for the discussion of the professionalism of telemarket participants, the representatives of Active Video announced that the Coordinating Committee responsible for the content of programmes will be convened. The supposed subjects of the channel are culture, science, history, education, travelling.

February,   9   2006
Our company takes part in VI International Salon of Innovations and Investments held in VVTs, pavillion 69 (Moscow) on February 7-10, 2006.

The interest of visitors in the Active Video technology and video films created on its basis proves relevance of this instrument at the contemporary multimedia market. Each person interested easily found possibilities of application of interactive video films in his work. They are films training to work with complex tools (their actuality was underlined by representatives of companies creating and distributing modern medical equipment), presentation films for specialists in landscape design, promotional interactive video catalogues for tour operators and many other things. We reached agreement about deeper collaboration with many companies and we already started creating interactive video films for some of them during the exhibition.

We found points of contact with specialists that work with Micromedia Flash and 3D modeling. It confirms that Active Video is not a rival for existing technologies but a harmonious supplement that adds new colours to habitual means of visual information presentation.

January,   20   2006
We launch a new version of our web site.

December,   19   2005
«Softool: Debut 2005», a contest of IT solutions, announces winners. We are among them.

December,   16   2005
Our company signs a long-term relationship agreement with Moscow Stomatological University.

December,   1   2005
We enter into a long-term relationship agreement with SBS studio, a laureate of TEFI-2005.

November,   18   2005
Our company takes part in the fifth research seminar-festival “Museum and Screen Arts” in the Armoury (Kremlin).

November,   16   2005
Our company joins the conference Silicon Valley Open Doors (link).

October,   4   2005
We sign an agreement with ComInTel (Kazakhstan). It got finance from Kazakhstan National Innovation fund to make the studio that will use the Active Video technology in creation of interactive video clips.

September,   16   2005
September 27 – October 1, our company is taking part in the exhibition Softool-2005 in which every person can get acquainted with the Active Video technology, look at the samples, and get demos for creation of interactive video clips. We are waiting for you at our stand 12.

June,   17   2005
Active Video launches a new version of the AVPlayer that can play video via HTTP-proxy and a new version of the Server.

April,   29   2005
We start testing a new player version that can play video via HTTP-proxy. It is going to appear by the end of May.

April,   5   2005
April 5-9, our company and OOO Open Town (the developers of the MoscowRamble project) takes part in the exhibition of Design and Advertising held at the Central House of Artists, 10 Krymsky Val (Moscow).

February,   24   2005
We launch a new player and server version. Attention! Install the new player version to play demos.

February,   24   2005
We release a new demo “News” that shows the possibilities of our technology in creating quite a new Internet news format and new digital interactive broadcasting in prospect.

February,   19   2005
Our partner, Open Town company, launches the Internet MoscowRamble project. It is available in Russian only.

December,   17   2004
Open Town company starts the development of a large project MoscowRamble on the basis of our technology. Below you can look through the text of MoscowRamble project press release that takes place on December 23, 2004 in Moscow.

September,   7   2004
We launch a demo of the Active Video Editor. It has full functionality of the AVEditor Home Edition (including clip creation), except the function of saving the results. You can get acquainted with functionality of the Editor by using the ready project on the basis of which the demo “Volkswagen” has been created.

August,   2   2004
We launch a completely renewed version of the server broadcasting video streams in MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 formats and a new player version

June,   12   2004
Active Video company gets copyright for the following objects: :
  • the player used for playing back video clips created on the basis of the Active Video technology
  • the editor used for creating video clips with the help of the Active Video technology
  • media content broadcasting service

April,   26   2004
Demonstrational clips “Volkswagen” and “Ballerina” are displayed in the Internet for testing the AVPlayer in the network mode.

April,   23   2004
We launch the first player version and network video broadcasting in MPEG1, MPEG2 standards.

March,   27   2004
March 16-25, our company displays a local version of the Active Video technology at the international exhibition CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.

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