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What is Active Video

The Active Video Technology

The Active Video technology offers new methods of data stream management in the field of tele- and video information.

When watching interactive video films created on the basis of the Active Video technology, the user can not only passively perceive information from the screen of the TV set or the monitor but he can actively interact with it, what is impossible while watching usual video material. He can get additional information about the events and objects of any shot at his desire, change the order of viewing, select the plot that interests personally him.

The process of watching a film in the Active Video format can be compared with traveling about the document in the Internet that has a great number of links to other texts and websites (hyperlinks). But in our case hyperlinks are represented by active objects of the screen, not by text lines.

What does an active object mean? This is an area on the frame left-clicking on which starts executing the action programmed by the scriptwriter: playing back a clip, getting text or sound information, switching to another Web page and so on.

Any object can be active: a man, a house, a car and its parts, for example, a wheel, a boot, a passenger compartment and so on.

In other words, each visible object of the screen becomes a carrier of additional information the depth and volume of which are not limited.

Advantages of the Active Video Technology:

Targeted information presentation
Traditional video when the viewer just watches a video clip does not often have effect. The viewer can ignore the video item that has mixed information that is not addressed to him. Active Video provides the opportunity for the viewer to choose video material created by a scriptwriter.

A great number of fields of application
For example, promos, virtual excursions, tutors, video manuals, video presentations.

Evaluation of clip efficiency
Active Video gives the opportunity to evaluate effectiveness and appeal of the advertisement and other clips in the Internet. You can check with the help of our statistics system how often your clip is played, what episodes attract the user most.

Quickness of active video clip creation
By means of our software you can quickly create active video clips. For example, you can make a video card about the company during a day. If it is necessary to make complex marking of a moving object, our software has no equal due to complex algorithms of object maintenance. So the cost of marking is low.

Various types of review
Video clips created with the help of the Active Video technology can be distributed on CD-DVD carriers (for local review on the user’s PC) or placed in the Internet or local networks (for network review).

Simplicity and availability to the user
The user just watches an active video clip with the help of our free software and clicks on the objects that interest him.

The Active Video technology offers special hardware and software to create and play films in the Active Video format:

  • The AV Editor is a tool for creating films in the Active Video format.
  • The AV Player is a tool for playing films in the Active Video format.
  • The AV Sever is a tool for broadcasting films in the Active Video format via the Internet.

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